Jean et Antoine Corné, Famille Corné

... A family know-how passed down through the generation ...


 The Corné Dynastie house is the last chocolate workshop owned by a Corné. Indeed, within the historical workshop, Jean Corné makes pralines and confectioneries based on receipes inherited by the two past generations.



Edouard, the great-grandfather of Jean, biscuit maker, decided to diversify his production by letting one of his sons becoming a chocolate maker.


A quick success followed and inspired his brothers and sisters to launch, each, their own brand. Pierre, Father of Jean, learned the techniques with his uncles. With a modest ambition, he created a traditional workshop in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, and opened in1968 the Corné Dynastie shop in the new Woluwe Shopping Center. 


The traditional chocolate is deeply embedded in the Corné family!

Jean Corné, representing the fourth generation of the traditional chocolate maker, learned from his father. Since 2010, the fifth generation is following the path of the precedent ones . Antoine Corné, the son of Jean, also works for the company.

... Our Philosophy ...     


Our Philosophy is immutable !    


Corné Dynastie keeps the human and family aspects of their chocolate workshop. Therefore, all its production is handcrafted at the traditional workshop of Woluwe. 


“The best broths are cooked in the oldest pans” could be the motto of our philosophy. The Woluwe Shopping center shop, open since  1968, is the unique Belgian point of sale. 


Nevertheless, since 2009, Corné Dynastie has opened its horizon to  France by delivering two chocolate addicts’shops, one in Sartrouville, near Paris and another one in Montpellier, South of France.


Corné dynastie’s goal could be resumed by keeping a traditional production of premium pralines by choosing only high end and noble raw materials.

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Woluwe Shopping Center

Boulevard de la Woluwe 70 Bte 6

1200 Bruxelles


Chocolatiers belges Expo Milan 2015
Ambassadeurs du chocolat belge lors de l'Exposition Universelle de Milan 2015